Warrenton, MO



What makes ATA Martial Arts - Different from other Schools?

  • We are part of ATA Martial Arts -- the country's LARGEST martial arts organization.
  • 130,000 plus active members and over 1 million students trained since 1969.
  • We have a bonafide curriculum based on more than 50 years of tradition, research, and development.
  • Each Instructor has passed an intensive multi-year certification process including a background check.
  • Rank earned at our school is recognized and honored by more than 1200 other Martial Arts Schools in the U.S.
  • We are the only Martial Arts school in the Warren County area that provides access to ATA's World Class Tournament Circuit.


Reviews (see more)

Stephanie / James B 

The Van Horns have been wonderful with our 5yo. They are very well structured and have a great system for their beginners to succeed. If you are considering martial arts for your little one this is our first choice in the area. Even amidst the quarantine they have adapted and created videos online for the Tigers and we do Zoom sessions every week with them live. Our son is loving it even from home. They’ve gone above and beyond.


Casey Williams

I can’t say enough positive things about Excel Martial Arts and the Van Horn team. I have 3 children (4,4,9) enrolled as students and I cant believe the difference in their composure, attitude, confidence, and outgoing ness. After only two lessons my oldest decided that she wants to be a world champion. Big dreams, but much healthier than the majority of other things she could be aspiring to!

Would recommend Excel to everyone who has an interest in learning TKD. The staff is phenomenal, the other parents are great, and the location is perfect.

Thank you Mrs: Van Horn & family!

Vincent Travisano

Highly recommend Excel Martial Arts | ATA Martial Arts | Warrenton, MO for their outstanding dedication to their students. Instilling knowledge, work ethic, camaraderie and discipline in their daily lives, while having a genuinely fun experience....Bravo!


I absolutely love Excel Martial Arts. Their instructors are very good and take the time to really learn each student's needs and abilities. They are very patient and work to make sure each and every individual is learning the curriculum and don't feel overwhelmed. "They have helped me feel confident, learn self discipline, respect, and improve me as a person",(from the mouth of my 10 year old).
As a parent, I also feel that my child is in good hands and they let all of us parents watch and answer any questions we may have. My personal experience has always been positive and I feel my daughter has the best opportunities to grow and EXCEL!
-RF Moellering

Bella C

Excellent family oriented martial arts program. They work hard to make sure everyone is comfortable and their needs/concerns/insecurities are addressed. My family recieved support in more ways than I can comment in this review as I have two special needs children and I myself am extremely shy and uncomfortable in a group setting. We are very grateful to have met and been instructed by Amy and Mark and their wonderful children. We would definitely still be actively attending had it not been for a move out of county resulting in too long of a commute. You will not regret deciding to invest in your overall health, mindfulness, and emotional well-being by joining this martial arts program.


Kristina Marie

Highly recommend the ATA Tigers program. The instructors exhibit patience, guidance, and respect with all their students. My 4 year old son loves his class and comes home talking about being respectful and having self esteem...Amazing program.

Mary Pool Horn

My daughter has gain so much confidence since joining. The instructors are encouraging and disciplined and respectful to the students and parents by training these students to be black belts one day and by reaching their fullest potential and goals. We love ATA in Warrenton.

Gaylee Harris

My daughter loves her ATA classes at Excel Martial Arts. Mr. and Mrs. Van Horn are great with the students, especially the Tiger class.

Jamie Lynn Krafft

I'm all about preach what you teach! ATA is just that too. Awesome family owned business. The others in town are subpar! I have had in children in both, ATA is family oriented and care about every student that crosses their path!