Warrenton, MO

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Stephanie / James B 

The Van Horns have been wonderful with our 5yo. They are very well structured and have a great system for their beginners to succeed. If you are considering martial arts for your little one this is our first choice in the area. Even amidst the quarantine they have adapted and created videos online for the Tigers and we do Zoom sessions every week with them live. Our son is loving it even from home. They’ve gone above and beyond.


Vincent Travisano

Highly recommend Excel Martial Arts | ATA Martial Arts | Warrenton, MO for their outstanding dedication to their students. Instilling knowledge, work ethic, camaraderie and discipline in their daily lives, while having a genuinely fun experience....Bravo!


I absolutely love Excel Martial Arts. Their instructors are very good and take the time to really learn each student's needs and abilities. They are very patient and work to make sure each and every individual is learning the curriculum and don't feel overwhelmed. "They have helped me feel confident, learn self discipline, respect, and improve me as a person",(from the mouth of my 10 year old).
As a parent, I also feel that my child is in good hands and they let all of us parents watch and answer any questions we may have. My personal experience has always been positive and I feel my daughter has the best opportunities to grow and EXCEL!
-RF Moellering

Bella C

Excellent family oriented martial arts program. They work hard to make sure everyone is comfortable and their needs/concerns/insecurities are addressed. My family recieved support in more ways than I can comment in this review as I have two special needs children and I myself am extremely shy and uncomfortable in a group setting. We are very grateful to have met and been instructed by Amy and Mark and their wonderful children. We would definitely still be actively attending had it not been for a move out of county resulting in too long of a commute. You will not regret deciding to invest in your overall health, mindfulness, and emotional well-being by joining this martial arts program.

Shari Gerding

My 7yr old started classes about 2 months ago. I was a little worried because he's very shy and lacks coordination. Needless to say, he loves it, and the instructors are awesome! Very family oriented and welcoming.

Jennifer Malloy

My son started the tiger class when he was 4 and now he is almost 6. He has enjoyed going ever since day 1. When he first started he was shy. It has taught him to come out of his shell plus more. The Van Horn family makes it fun to learn and r great working with the kids. This class also teaches the kids to be more respectful and also how to defend themselves at a young age. I would recommend this martial arts class to anyone.

Jessica White

We love Excel Matrial Arts! The instructors are great with the kids and are always welcoming!! I would recommend them for sure! We can not wait till our youngest is of age so he can go!

Tiffany Fortenberry

My daughter really enjoys going to Martial Arts and has a smile on her face every time. I highly recommend this place to anyone. Due to the well behaved manners you all teach is helping us at home as well :)

Samantha Reckamp

Our son is currently in the ATA program. He started when he was around 4 years old and we were very nervous based upon age and skill level. We wanted to do something that would work on self discipline and to teach him how to defend himself if ever needed. Ms.Van Horn put all my fears aside and our son absolutely loves it. He has become much more disciplined at home now too. Says yes ma'ma a lot more. Our family would recommend Excel Martial Arts to anyone. We couldn't be more excited to see our child move up in belts and thanks to his amazing teachers we know this is possible.

Nick Minderman

I love Excel Martial Arts for my Daughter Bailey. She loves the class and teachers and is doing very well with the training. Recommended for your little ones for sure!

Jon Pherigo

Great place to get in shape! Great with children and adults! No pressure at all, very wonderful family!


Facebook Reviews

Stephanie Turner-Owenby

Excel has been wonderful about setting up Zoom and online videos to help my son continue his training and give him a since of normalcy during this time. He has been chanting "it's not what you know it's what you do" for days now, so I know he is still learning.


Pamela Upchurch Vanhorn

My granddaughter is enrolled in the tiger class. She loves it. The Van Horn family not only teaches
Martial Arts, but teach responsibility, build self esteem, and how to handle bullying. The Van Horns own children are great role models for your children. Very respectful well rounded children. I highly recommend Excel Martial Arts for your Family

Kristina Marie

Highly recommend the ATA Tigers program. The instructors exhibit patience, guidance, and respect with all their students. My 4 year old son loves his class and comes home talking about being respectful and having self esteem...Amazing program.

Kay Bookman

We are very lucky to have the family business in Warren County. Excel Martial Arts, The Van Horn family, volunteered their time to present two Kid's Club programs this summer for the Scenic Regional Library of Warrenton. Their presentations were fun and informative. The kids all had a GREAT time! Thank you so much for all that you do and making the community a better place!

~Scenic Regional Library- Warrenton Branch

Mary Pool Horn

My daughter has gain so much confidence since joining. The instructors are encouraging and disciplined and respectful to the students and parents by training these students to be black belts one day and by reaching their fullest potential and goals. We love ATA in Warrenton.

Gaylee Harris

My daughter loves her ATA classes at Excel Martial Arts. Mr. and Mrs. Van Horn are great with the students, especially the Tiger class.

Lindsey Dieckman

My daughter has been enrolled in the ata program at Excel martial arts and she absolutely loves it! The instructors are wonderful and patient with all of them and work with them on the belt level they are at. They take the time the students need to learn it correctly. The students have to earn their belts and it is not just given to them. That is something I absolutely love as a parent! My daughter practices everyday because she wants to better herself and earn that next belt. Her confidence has soared since she started and she walks a little taller now! Thank you van horns for making her feel welcomed and teaching her things I could not :).

Juniper Hladik Nelson

My son is learning a lot. And I like the class size. The Van Horns are great people. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jamie Lynn Krafft

I'm all about preach what you teach! ATA is just that too. Awesome family owned business. The others in town are subpar! I have had in children in both, ATA is family oriented and care about every student that crosses their path!

Lisa Traum-Heppermann

This is a great family run business. My daughter's self confidence has greatly improved since enrolling. She's learning invaluable skills and thoroughly enjoys her classes.

Danny Roach

Amazing instructors in a very positive atmosphere! My kids and I love classes and competitions.

Bryan Hogan

The Van Horn family are outstanding teachers. The kids and myself are very excited to be apart of this team. I would recommend if you're interested in any martial arts to come by and join. Very patient and kind with kids and adults. Everyone learns at their own pace and they handle that with ease. Personally, I thank the Van Horns for their hard work setting up the curriculum and being community leaders helping kids and families in self defense training.

Catherine Hogan

Great class, excellent people to work with. They take their time to work with each individual and make it a fun experience. Glad we found them.

Glenn Krafft

Family oriented. Excel martial Arts has help my son is so many aspects in his life. Thank you!

Brandy Gagliano

The ATA Tigers program has been wonderful for my kids. They started the program at ages 5 and 4. I have a son and daughter and both love it. The Van Horn family is great with the kids. The style of teaching is discipline with love and kindness. They keep the classes fun. The kids respect their instructors but are not intimidated by them. The growth of my kids in martial arts, confidence, self awareness, and self discipline is undeniable.

Patrick Finnegan

Had my first at Excel tonight. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The facility is awesome. I'm excited about getting started.

Gage Caruthers

Excel martial arts has given me a great experience with just 1 weapon seminar. They made such a great first impression I would love to continue to visit. I was able to learn so much in just a short period of time I was really impressed. Though I'm not a student of there's I would defiantly recommend Excel martial arts to anyone wanting to learn.

Donevan Brewer

It is so cool I am amazed that they have worked so hard for kids like me and adults to have fun and learn self defense!!!! Thank you all so much!!!

Jonathan Pherigo

Excell Martial Arts is a family owned school. The Van Horn family is very talented! They run a no pressure school.
Its not all about money. I feel that they care about helping you achieve your goals. They expect the best out of you but help you to achieve more! They teach you the qualities to become a leader, Not just in the class but in life. My two boys and I are taking the class.
They are very good and patient with both children and adults. I'm getting in the best shape of my life. I would recommend Excel Martial Arts to anyone interested in becoming a better person!

Yelp Reviews

Rachell M.

My daughter absolutely loves her class and instructors. Mrs. VanHorn, (and family/instructors), are very patient, and celebrate each person's victories in learning the curriculum and also in their personal lives. I love watching my daughter grow in her classes!